What is a laser tag?

Lasertag is a high-tech game that will not leave anyone indifferent! It has the same philosophy as paintball and airsoft, except that it does not throw anything which may place you at risk of getting injured or dirty. At the core of lasertag is the modern developments in paintball and airsoft, where technology has attempted to deliver real-time and space video games, making guns to look like real, without any risk.

Each “gun” has a screen, in which each player sees various items, such as their lives, bullets and magazines, and can also see statistics, such as how many people they hit or their position in the game. Laserguns use infrared rays when shooting, with each player wearing a headband.

The goal is to score and hit the opponent on the head, or weapon, which also has sensors. Infrared rays are completely safe and function like a TV remote control.

The purpose of the game.

Each player, in collaboration with the rest of the team, should shoot as many people as possible from the opponent team, while at the same time trying to stay alive in the game. The winning team is the one who will be the first to eliminate all the opponents from the team. Also, the best player in the game is the one who will shoot most of the opponents.

Sensors indicate if someone shoots you.

To make the battle on the field as realistic as possible, IR sensors are built into the player’s tager and headband. Players from the other team aim at each other in headband or tager. When a player is “injured”, LEDs light up on his/her headband and he loses one life. In case of defeat, a special sound signal is triggered. After four defeats, the player is considered “killed”, and he/she can no longer shoot, as the weapon stops working.


Our equipment conforms to international safety standards and has the latest technology in the field of lasertag. It is wireless, and all game statistics are collected on one device through an app. All weapons have an LED display, which records the gun owner’s statistics, such as their lives, their bullets and magazines, how many people they hit or destroyed, and their position in the game.

Various scenarios.

Since our equipment uses the latest technology in its field, we can play various scenarios, apart from the classic game where all players have the same role and try to succeed their opponents. In addition, additional equipment is available to further enhance scenarios and give the game more interest, such as checkpoints, first aid kits.


Computerized statistics of each game, making it easy to find out in the end of each game who became the best player, as well as whose team played better.

What clothes to choose for laser tag?

In lasertag games no balls or paint are thrown (like in paintball and airsoft). Therefore, players are not required to wear long clothing and masks to protect themselves from injuries.

All you need is for the players to wear casual and comfortable shoes so they can run and move freely on the battlefield.

Each player is given a camouflage vest with the color of the team he/she belongs to.

Is laser tag dangerous for health or eyes?

Our equipment uses infrared rays, which are completely safe and function like a TV remote control. In essence, our weapon can be likened to a TV remote, while the headband to a TV. When a player shoots his opponent, he lights up in his opponent’s headband, such as the TV remote control.

How many people can play laser tag at the same time?

To organize a game we need a minimum of 10 people. There is no maximum number of people, but since our equipment is currently 35 sets, then 35 people can play in one game at a time. However, if there are more people, they usually split into smaller groups so that mini-tournament games could be held, with the winning team being the one, which has the most wins.