LaserWar Club

Prices and Time of the games

Compared to paintball and airsoft, where you need to buy bullets, this is not necessary in the laser tag. All bullets are electronic.

In addition, in laser tag you do not need to buy games.
You pay only for the time spent in the game.

In particular, if you buy a game for two hours, then you can play around 6-8 games.

Prices and Time of Mix games

You can choose between 1 or 2 hours games, according to the circumstances.

1 hour games: €12/ person – Minimum charge €120

2 hours games: €20/ person – Minimum charge €200

Any additional hour: €70

Rates and Duration of Birthday Games:

In the case of a birthday, the games shall be booked at least for 2 hours.

The minimum charge is €200

The cost of the game shall be calculated as follows:

From 1 to 20 players

If the number of players is from 1 to 20 people, the charge is €20 per person, with a maximum charge of € 340.


From 20 to 25 players

Any additional person after 20 and up to 25 persons, the charge is €10 for such additional player.

For example, if you have 21 players, then the price will be € 350 (€ 340, which is maximum for 20 people and plus €10 for the 21st player)

If there are 22 players, then the price will be € 360 [€ 340 – maximum for 20 people – plus €20 for the 22nd]


From 25 to 30 players

If you have between 25 and 30 players, then every extra person after 25 will be charged €5.

For example, if there are 26 people, the price will be €350 (€340 – maximum for 20 people plus €50 for additional 5 players and plus €5 for the 26th)


More than 30 players

You must request a quote if you have more than 30 people.

Rates and Duration for special categories

In cases where there are organised groups, e.g. corporate events, scouts, catechists, schools, unions, etc. organize games with us and have more than 40 people, special rates apply depending on the people involved.

The duration of the games varies by person. Contact us for a quote.

Rates for moving to cities other than Limassol

Transfer to Nicosia – Larnaca – Paphos – Troodos city: € 20

Transfer to Famagusta Province: € 30


Please fill out the form,

and our manager will contact you.